Deconet Developers

Deconet is building powerful infrastructure to empower knowledge and gig economy workers to capture more of the value they create. We have a lot to build, and we need your help! Check out some of the projects below to learn more.

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Asset Marketplace

The Deconet asset marketplace lets people buy and sell Software Licenses and API Calls. It's powered by a set of Ethereum smart contracts.

Monetize your open source side projects by selling software licenses for them via license exceptions! In addition, we're always looking for feedback and improvements, so check out the source code!

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Bug Bounty

We have a wide ranging bug bounty program that covers our smart contracts and web infrastructure. Check it out, and maybe you'll find something that earns a reward!

We've paid out over $2,000 in rewards so far!

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Gitea is an open source project not officially affiliated with Deconet. Deconet uses a custom fork of Gitea as the "offical" source control for software license sales, which is part of the Asset Marketplace. We appreciate contributions to Gitea, and are thankful for all the work that has gone into it so far.

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Recruit developers

Refer more developers to Deconet. Have them join our slack, and if they sign up at the link below, then make sure they enter your username in the "Referred by" field.

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Help us build Dev News

Dev news is a content aggregator by developers, for developers. It needs help with basically everything.

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Work on our Payment Splitting contract

This contract is designed to help devs capture long term value from a project they work on, instead of only being paid hourly or per-project.

We would love peer review, improvements, suggestions, and more. Imagine if this contract automatically split based on ERC20 holding percentages!

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