Fixing Software Development

Deconet is building blockchain technology for truly sustainable software development that equitably and automatically rewards contributors.
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We're starting with turnkey dual-licensing.
Today, developers have two choices when creating code
They can make it open source
It’s great for the community, however it makes it hard to monetize and developers also need to pay the bills.
Or they can start a business
Developer may not want to create businesses - there’s a lot of extra effort involved and they’re high risk endeavors.

Deconet is a third option - a marketplace for code.

Developers can choose to charge for their code and get rewarded when other developers implement it on apps and websites.

For Open Source Developers (Supply)

Creators publish code to Deconet and leverage turnkey dual licensing - including selling exceptions to copyleft projects. Developers earn tokens for their contributions in maintaining the network.
  • Turnkey flexible licensing
  • Integrates with Git
  • Community driven network parameters
  • Rewards for contributions

For Software Users (Demand)

Applications can be built faster and more reliably. Complexity of development is reduced with the use of versatile, up-to-date packages and projects. Using them is as simple as using API credits.
  • Access from command line
  • Effortless payment system
  • Immutable license compliance
  • Highly flexible and a variety of projects

Deconet Token (DCO)

The Deconet Token allows developers to list their projects, participate in maintaining the network, and retain the fair value of their contribution.
“Deconet has the team and vision to build the decentralized network that will play a vital role in the future of work.”
Adam Draper
Founder and Managing Director of BoostVC

We’re a passionate
team from San Francisco

Project Lead
2x Founder, formerly Sendbloom
Technical Lead
Created the 1st BTC hardware wallet
Growth Lead
Former Head of Growth at Stellar / Lightyear
Product Designer
Awari co-founder, UX mentor
Strategy and Operations
Int'l serial entrepreneur, UN Tech Policy Advisor
Blockchain Developer
Full Stack and Solidity
Former Chief of Staff at Civic
CEO Dispatch Labs
Former Head of Blockchain UBS

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